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Linde BlueSpot Forklift Safety Device

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Linde BlueSpot™ Visual Safety Device - for nearly all makes and models of forklift truck.

From only £160+VAT * 

*Excludes fitting charge

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Linde BlueSpot™ is a visual driving path warning device which enhances safety both in trucking aisles as well as intersections between aisles and pedestrian walkways.

Experience with many customers shows that a visual warning device is often better accepted and more effective amongst operators and other employees compared to acoustic warning devices or conventional flashing beacons.

BlueSpot™ consists of two very bright, energy-efficient, long lasting LED lights mounted together on the over head guard. The light projects a large blue spot onto the floor a few meters ahead in the direction of travel, giving pedestrians early warning of an approaching truck.  The lights can be either constantly 'on' or flashing in order to attract maximum attention.


​This product is unique to Linde and is only available through Linde companies and dealers, however it can be retro-fitted to both Linde trucks and other makes of trucks although this must be done by a Linde engineer.


Product Features

  • Long life LED lights project a large blue spot on the floor – a visual warning for pedestrians approaching and can be lit constantly or set to flash intermittently to attract attention
  • Product is designed to withstand tough warehouse conditions
  • Overcomes issues of audible devices and safeguards both truck operators and personnel throughout the warehouse
  • Options available to suit your requirements
  • Especially for use in warehouse aisle and crossover areas.

“We’re so impressed with it and it’s proven to be a cost effective solution which has really helped create a safer working environment for our fork truck operators as well as the pedestrians who work within our warehouses.”

Derek Edwards - Blueprint

Don't compromise site safety.  Please call now for a quote.

*All quotes specific to individual truck depending on delivered specification.

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